Zenfolio | Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers | 2017

1/26/2017 NJAPA3/2/2017 Bloustein Lecture Shahar Saddeh3/3/2017 Fac/Staff Head Shots3/3/2017 Student Head Shots3/22/17 Fac/Staff Head Shots3/22/17 Student Head Shots3/22/2017 J.Crowley3/28/2017 Catlin Lecture-Newark Environmental Panel4/11/2017 VTC Lecture Michael Replogle4/17/2017 Florio Lecture-PA Governor Ed Rendell5/2-3/2017 Undergrad Poster Presentations5/2/2017 Fac/Staff Head Shots5/2/2017 Frank Popper5/2/2017 Student Head Shots5/2/2017 TW5/2/2017 Ugrad Internship Group photos2017 Voorhees FellowsDean Hughes Reception 6/20/2017Graduate Convocation 5/13/17Undergraduate Convocation 5/11/17Michael Greenberg 7-10-1710/18/17 Urban Redevelopment Class to Newark -- ListokinDistinguished Alumni 10/20/1710/24/2017 Student Head Shots10/24/2017 Fac/Staff Head ShotsStudent Head Shots 10/27/17Faculty/Staff Head Shots 10/27/2017Career Services Transportation Panel11/2/2017 Career Workshop Community Development Panel11/08/2017 Candeub Lecture--Metuchen12/1/2017 KDI Graduation Lunch